Crane Type
Jib lenght (m)
Standard height (m)
Load at the jib tip (kg)
Maximal load (kg)

GX 251

Nothing is impossible thanks to the GX251! The most compact self-erecting crane ever with a footprint of 7 meters. The ideal lifting solution for building contractors who often work on construction sites with very little space or access difficulties. A small crane only apparently seen the 24 meters of arm and 24 meters of height that can be reached by tower telescope. First class performance also in terms of capacity: 1000/4000 kg load with horizontal arm, 1000/2000 kg instead when working at 30 °. Maximum work versatility for the crane that adapts to each site.

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24.30 m 24 m 1000 kg 4000 kg

Other features:

  • Jib and mast fully galvanized
  • Length in transport configuration under 7 m
  • Reduced erection volumes
  • Three/single-phase supply
  • Inverter controlled hoisting, slewing, trolley, jib opening and telescopic action movements
  • Three speed hoists for trolley and slewing, three speed hoist for hoisting with automatic 4th speed
  • Height under hook with horizontal jib m 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 – 24
  • Work with folded jib both in horizontal and luffed position
  • Limit switches to work with folded jib at 19.5 and 13.5 m with automatic setting
  • Load with luffed jib kg 1000 kg at the jib end at 34.7 m and 2000 kg max
  • Maximum load in 2-falls kg 2000
  • Maximum load in 4-falls kg 4000
  • Integrated self-ballasting device
  • Shaped carter, equipment and electric cubicle
  • Reduced slewing radius (only 1.70 m) contained inside the bearing legs
  • Possibility to widen the slewing radius to reduce ballast
  • PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER (PLC) to control all the safety parameters and devices of the crane
  • Man/machine communication system with TOUCH SCREEN display
  • Joystick radio remote control with weight and wind speed display
  • Transport axle FB25K2 for crane towing up to 25 km/h (Optional) TÜV-SÜD certification
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