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Ours is the story of a family that for more than sixty years is dedicated to the design, production and innovation of tower cranes for construction so as to make the work of construction companies easier in construction sites around the world .


In 1957 the Butti brothers, Ambrogio and Giuseppe, had the intuition to devote themselves to a sector, then emerging, of the industrial structures for the lifting and distribution of materials and to start the construction and the consequent commercialization of lifting equipment, known today as a "tower crane for construction".


The FB Gru transfers its business to its current location, covering an area of 6000 m², in which it has built and built increasingly advanced crane models. In this period the development of the first self-erecting cranes with low rotation began, which involved aligning the boom at the same time as raising the tower.


The FB Gru realizes the first automatic crane with hydraulic assembly systems with patented solutions with a high technological and research content, which even today distinguishes our production.


In the beginning of the 90s FB Gru brings, first in the world, the revolutionary patented system of aerial alignment of the arm formed by two semi-horizontal elements with the GA 626. The 90s, however, not only bring this novelty, but mark the entry of the FB Gru in the field of the City cranes with the presentation of the innovative GH 421.


The needs of a company that internally takes care of most of the production process require FB Gru to expand its structure for this is built a new shed.


In the year of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, the FB continues the expansion of the tower crane range with the introduction of four new models, the GHS 351, the GHS 401, the GHS 451 and the GHS 501, which the possibility to be mounted on a portal and to be composed of elements with a maximum length of 6 m, are ideal for renovation sites in urban areas. Excellent lifting solutions also for helicopter erection.


Presented the new model at the Bauma of Monaco: the GX 251. It is a revolutionary crane, with characteristics of compactness and performance that no other crane can offer.


In recent years, the attention to foreign markets has grown: the FB Gru brand is synonymous with quality and innovation for crane users all over the world. The company, in addition to continuous investments aimed at developing the product range, has begun a process of technological modernization of its facilities to guarantee its customers an increasingly efficient service.

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