Crane Type
Jib lenght (m)
Standard height (m)
Load at the jib tip (kg)
Maximal load (kg)


FBGRU presented the new GHS551, a tower crane that provides construction companies with an excellent lifting solution that combines ease of assembly and high performance on site.
This top slewing crane offers the possibility to configure the jib with a length from 24  to 55 meters. The tip load of this topless is 1,100 kg while the maximum load is 6000 kg.
The modularity of this tower crane allows companies not only to decide the jib's length  to work with, but also to which height to go, up to a maximum of 78 m without anchors.
The GHS551 is a topless that despite the dimensions remains faithful to the design principles of the FBGRU that wants to make available to the companies an easy to transport crane.

For more information or to come and try it, do not hesitate to contact us!



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